domingo, janeiro 03, 2016

The Aleppo Codex, by Matti Friedman

This is a very good book, about the story of one the most important books in the world, the oldest version of the Bible. I saw the book in Jerusalem, at the Shrine of the Book, on exhibition underneath the room of the Dead Sea scrolls, and now I know so much more about it. Very well written and exhaustively researched, Matti Friedman's book reads like a thriller - the story of how the codex was brought from Aleppo to Jerusalem, and the search for the missing pages - actually the most important part of the book, including the Torah. It also tells the story of the Middle Eastern Jews, their plight after the founding of the state of Israel and the hardships they faced on their emigration to Israel. I really liked this book, and am looking forward to read more of Matti Friedman's work - and I'm proud to count him among my Facebook friends.

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