domingo, janeiro 03, 2016

L'Étranger, de Albert Camus

I read L'Étranger many years ago, and I liked it, but didn't remember it all that well, just the feeling I had got from it, not the details, and now I wanted to read Meursaul Contre-Enquête and so I reread it. It's a superb book, extremely well written, and that really makes us shiver. Two things are impressive about it: the personality of the main character, Meursault, his indifference and emotional detachment, a kind of existentialist anti-hero, and the fear that that difference from the norm inspires in the society, that makes him be condemned, not because of the murder, but because of his coldness on the face of his mother's death, a symbol of what apparently puts him on a different emotional / moral category from the others, ad it makes them so uncomfortable that they just prefer to condemn him, like they were eliminating a disease, a potential threat to their cosy notion of life. It's not my favorite book by Camus - that's La Peste, that now I want to reread too - but it's nevertheless an excellent and disturbing book.

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