terça-feira, dezembro 06, 2016

Les Cerfs-volants, de Romain Gary

It's always interesting how one comes upon new books. I am pretty familiar with French literature, and I had heard about Romain Gary for some time, but somehow I never happened to read any of his books. Then, a few months ago, I found him mentioned in the excellent Pumpkinflowers, by Matti Friedman, and that made me want to read him. So, when I was browsing French books at the very good bookstore Mollat in Bordeaux, I checked Gary's books and picked this one to get acquainted with the author.

It was a good choice, even being Gary's last book. It's a very well written and sweetly optimistic story, about love and coping with adversity. It left me curious about other books by the author, and isn't it lovely when books lead us to other books?

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