sábado, dezembro 10, 2016


Bergamo is a small city, but an extremely beautiful one. One arrives at the Citá Bassa, and then takes a funiculare to the Citá Alta, which is a gem of a city. Narrow streets, the lovely Piazza Vecchia, the beautiful church of Santa Maria Maggiore, and the Colleoni chapel - named after Bartolomeo Colleoni, a rash condottiero who apparently had three balls. There is also the Baptistery, and the powerful Venitian walls.

Then one takes the funiculare to San Vigilio, where there's a small castle wit great views over Bergamo, and then back again to the city. Walking around the walls there are great views over the Citá Bassa, and then coming down one walks through the city streets and it's such a nice feeling, being in a historical place.

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