domingo, dezembro 18, 2016


Genova was my last stop on the Italian trip, and it was as beautiful a city as the ones before. I arrived at night, and the walk to the hotel, along Via Antonia Gramsci, full of African immigrants, left me a little weary, but then, the next morning, the city enchanted me as soon as I walked out.

From the Piazza delle Fontane Marose to the Piazza de Ferrari, then to the San Lorenzo Cathedral, one of the most beautiful Italian cathedrals I've seen - full of beautiful Romanesque and Gothic details, I even visited the treasure, which boasts having the Holy Grail (unfortunately away for restoration) and has beautiful pieces like the Baptist's plate.

The historical centre is huge, full of beautiful piazzas, narrow alleys and stunning façades literally everywhere. I visited the beautiful Romanesque churches of San Donato and Santa Maria di Castelli, then headed to the old port across the lovely Piazza Banchi.

The Porto Anticco is actually quite modern, totally renovated. The Via Antonio Gramsci by day was very different - even more African immigrants, many selling their usual wares, everything looking peaceful and lively.

From the port, I walked along the old streets lined with the palazzi dei rolli - Via San Lucca, Fossatelli, Garibaldi, Balbi. There are dozens of palazzi, each one with its characteristic colours and details, and the ensemble is truly remarkable.

Trying to get a view over the city, I climbed the steps to the Albertis castle - a Romantic 19th century folly on the hill. The sun was against me, so the photos were not good, but still I had glimpses of the port and the old lighthouse.

Down again to the Via Balbi, more views of palazzi and back to the old city with its many wonderful viccoli and churches, small piazzas and nice restaurants, where I had a very tasty Italian dinner.

It was a beautiful place to end this amazing trip. Italy has so much to see, and enjoy! And there's still so much of it I don't know.

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