terça-feira, fevereiro 27, 2018

Lady Bird, by Greta Gerwig

A very nice movie, that was a pleasant surprise. I had seen Greta Gerwig in her Noam Baumbach movie Frances Ha, which I didn't like that much - the kind of First World artsy problems that I find pretentious and leave me cold. But this one is quite different, so much better - a tender depiction of teenage growing pains, mother-daughter relationship, the sensitive young's yearn to escape the banal and find one's place in the world. The characters are believable and likeable, the performances are great. One cannot but love the moving character of Lady Bird - and even if later in New York City she will become a sort of annoying Frances Ha, that doesn't take away her freshness as a hopeful teenager. With Boyhood, one of the best coming of age movies from the last few years.

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