sexta-feira, outubro 27, 2017

The City Always Wins, by Omar Robert Hamilton

This is a very good book, extremely strong, a depiction almost in real time of the Egyptian revolution part of the Arab Spring. One can feel the expectations, and then the frustration, of the characters, all extremely believable. One wonders - how can a revolution be like in the present days of Twitter and Facebook? And then one reckons it's not that different from all the revolutions before. In the end, I felt so sad, so angry at all these senseless dictatorships and authoritarian regimes that keep people from being themselves, from being happy and free. How lucky we are, the ones who live in Western countries. We can only root for all these people who live under these appalling conditions.

So, Omar Robert Hamilton manages to bring us a vivid account of the revolution, the book is very well written and accomplished. He is a very talented writer, and I'm looking forward for more of his work.

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