quinta-feira, julho 28, 2016

Voss, by Patrick White

I heard about this book from one of those "best books list" in some newspaper, and I was curious since I had never heard about its author - even being a Nobel laureate - and I love Australia and always like to read about places I love. I was surprised by this book. The writing is extremely beautiful, intricately convoluted, full of images that convey the feelings of the characters in a most emotional way; the story is impressive, somewhat depressing, like watching an inevitable disaster, like a train wreck, and not being able to change it in any way. One is left wondering, what really did drive explorers to such terrible voyages? Was the call of the unknown that powerful? I have been in the Australian desert, it is so big and overwhelming that left me speechless. It's beautiful and ruthless, fascinating. It makes one dream of the Outback, the red earth and spinifex.

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