domingo, dezembro 06, 2015

Les Perroquets de la Place d'Arezzo, de Eric Emmanuel-Schmitt

I noticed this book in a bookshop in Quebec, and having read Monsieur Ibrahim et les Fleurs du Coran, and liked it very much, I was interested, so later I bought it and read it. It is a good book, about love and relationships, very readable, some times very sweet and sometimes funny, even if sometimes also a little annoying due to most of its many characters being somewhat stereotyped - there is also one that is clearly based on Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Sometimes you feel there are a little too many characters, and some of the scenes are not very believable, but it's a good read and most of the time you feel entertained in a good way, and it has an optimistic tone that leaves you glad.

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